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Our Work

Our service is about to supply small/start-up businesses and personal use a Clean, Flat, Modern but Emotional responsive website with fast delivery and affordable price.

We offer ready made WordPress sites based on your supplied information and content. They are turn key ready to promote and earn profit, our sites will defiantly get you on your way to achieving your goals.

We also provide extra work for customized complicated sites such as eCommerce, Real Estate, Creative,... just let us know the details of your need, we will send back a quote and your new site's main features within 24 hours.

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Gathering essential information upfront is not only beneficial to a successful deliverable but will also save you and us plenty of headaches throughout the process and pave the way to a lasting and trusting relationship.

So before making order, please prepare this document carefully. It must be sent together with payment info to our email.

Within 48 hours from the time of payment, if we don't receive the info as requested or you fail to supply us with enough info as requested, we will send your money back and may cancel any new order later to save yours and our time.

Please send us all content that you need to put at homepage and basic inner pages
(About us, contact us, policy):

All info related to your plan: niche, keywords, urls, affiliate links, offers, products, services...you like to promote.
Any specific features you would like included: logo, banners, pictures...
Header of homepage ( most important factors: home, products, contact, about us... buttons)
Central of homepage (main messages)
Footer of homepage ( social signals, policy,...)

Please answer all these questions:

Describe the products/services you sell or the special characters of your company or yourself that you want people to know through the web.
What do your current competitors website have that you aspire to?
What are some existing websites that appeal to you? Provide links please.
Do you have all images that you would like to be included in your website or would you like the designer to use imagery where appropriate (we use authorized images only)?
Please tell us about shapes and colours you do not wish to include by attaching pictures of website, textures, patterns, colour palettes, typefaces, image styles... or urls that we can refer to.
1 ready-made responsive Wordpress site: 1 homepage + 3 inner pages ( contact us, about us, policy) - only $97

What if you need more?

With a strong in-house team of SEOers, coders and designers, we could handle any type of complicated projects related to web design, coding and SEOing. If you don’t find it here, just contact us at and describe your needs as most detailed as possible, we will get back to you within 24 hours with price quote.
Refund policy

Unless we cannot provide service during the delivery time, no refund will be provided after the transaction is completed. Please make careful consideration before purchasing our service. In case you want a refund because of a mistaken or duplicated orders, just contact us via and we will response to you within 24 hours.

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